Ross Rawlings

Falmouth Beach Hotel Fire

Posted in Uncategorized by rossrawlings on May 29, 2012

A few weeks ago one of Falmouth’s best know beach hotels caught on fire, with very strong winds on the day the fire started the hotel quickly was engulfed in flames. I was alerted by the activity on my twitter stream that the hotel opposite the beach cafe where I work was on fire. My interpretation was that it was just a small fire, but by the time I had got there the whole roof was on the verge of collapsing. People were being ushered back from the hotel and I managed to get into the cafe opposite which was providing shelter for the hotel residents.

It was a very surreal time and I started taking photographs of things happening around me. I only had a roll and and a half of film to use but here are some of the photos I took. Out of 140 bedrooms 120 of the rooms were destroyed by the fire and the hotel has now been closed off with 24/7 security keeping watch of the remains of the hotel.






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