Ross Rawlings

Words by Alexander Norton

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Ross Rawlings

When on the source, graduate photography page, I came across a picture as I did not know what to look for, and it was an image of two people, in an intimate relationship performing some kind of physical act, done in such a way that it makes me look and discover the whole series. I have no prior knowledge of Ross Rawlings work, but I felt compelled to write about it, as it is so intimate yet public. 

I have always been a fan of photographs and relationships and how they work together, and what kind of implications about publicity of those chosen private moments, to become part of a stream of images online. Does the act of recording this action of lust, love and contempt for each other affect the scenario. Does the fact that a project is being made affect how they communicate, does he talk to her less, does she reveal less as she knows it will be shown to more than him. These are intimate moments, and what is beautiful is that we can see them, because these are moments when we are in the scenario we do not see them, and to take a step away and record it as it happens is both difficult, not just physically but emotionally also.

What is beautiful, and it is, is that you begin to feel for this woman on show, and when I say on show, I do not mean that negatively, it is a collaborative understanding that the issue of the heart will be taken seriously and treated with care. It could be talked about the visual qualities that enhance the sensation intended when you see the images, and the series finds a way of making us fall in love with this girl, but why should we fall in love with her, when the experience is someone elses. What I love about this kind of work, is that it raises many issues about photography itself, but ignores them and carries on, because the act on show is so powerful we just ignore the reason why we are seeing them, we just look. 

Ross mentions in his synopsis, the use of the shutter release which enhances the almost elevated experience you gain from this, as the photographer himself is as much to do with the frame than the subject in question. I think this is to remember, as the love between two people is such a fragile thing, but its so strong that you want to hold onto that feeling permanently, because that feeling, is the best feeling we can feel as people. To borderline cheesy, we live to feel the love of another in many ways, from a lover, friend, family member and an obsession or activity. 

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